Falls Campground

Del-Mont Consultants established a professional control network for Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys & conventional surveys, including a static survey for an OPUS solution. This solution was converted into the Wyoming State Plane Coordinate System. The as-built surveys included topographic surveys for the location of the new roadway system.

The new campsites were detailed for location and compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA.). To determine compliance with ADA, each campsite’s pathway or access road was individually evaluated. All utility infrastructure improvements were surveyed including electrical, sewer (CXT toilet system) and water. All signs, paths, gates and miscellaneous improvements were located.  Although the initial scope of work was ambiguous, working in conjunction with our client and a U.S. Forest Service representative, Del-Mont Consultants determined a plan view of the as-built improvements would best serve the U.S. Forest Service needs.