Transmission Lines

Falls Campground, WY

As-built survey

Tri-State Generation & Transmission

Del-Mont’s Staff includes 15 high voltage transmission line, substation, and access road...

NAPA Auto Parts

CDOT access, access closure, minor subdivision, site design

Western Area Power Administration

Del-Mont Consultants collected wire to ground clearance on existing high voltage power lines for...

Russell Stover Retail Store

CDOT access, site design, topographic survey



DMC also manages complex engineering and construction projects by providing construction management and observation services. Our engineers and construction observation staff can provide a full range of construction management and observation duties at any level requested. DMC has available two full-time construction observation staff, both former long time CDOT employees. Each has experience in working within municipal and CDOT frameworks and reporting requirements. Our observation staff is equipped with cell phones, four-wheel drive vehicles and state-of-the-art office computer stations. If needed, our observation staff has available laptop computers, which can remotely communicate with our office and clients for timely transfer of information.

Our observers visit the site at specified intervals and durations for construction compliance to project plans and specifications. Observers can be available for observation duties at any location, for any shift, and for any level of observation as requested by the Client. After each visit, we prepare reports summarizing the status of the project and documenting any issues observed. We are also available to complete as-built surveys and attend final onsite inspection meetings where we often prepare a “punch list” of items for release of final payment.

Additionally, we review shop drawings for plan and specification compliance as requested as well as provide opinions on suggested Client or Contractor material substitutions or design revisions.