Roadway Design Services

commercial & residential

Hydraulic Services

flow & conveyance of fluids

Hydrology Services

management of surface & ground water
(water resources engineering)

Stormwater Management

erosion protection & sediment control

NAPA Auto Parts

CDOT access, access closure, minor subdivision, site design

Western Area Power Administration

Del-Mont Consultants collected wire to ground clearance on existing high voltage power lines for...

Falls Campground, WY

As-built survey

Russell Stover Retail Store

CDOT access, site design, topographic survey

Tri-State Generation & Transmission

Del-Mont’s Staff includes 15 high voltage transmission line, substation, and access road...



DMC is a civil engineering firm with services including, but not limited to, drainage studies and design, planning and feasibility studies, roadway design, subdivision design, commercial site development design, stormwater management services, flood plain studies, water and wastewater treatment and pipeline engineering, and construction services and observation. Planning and feasibility studies include analyzing practical alternatives in coordination with the applicable municipalities. Studies generally include a discussion of several alternatives, figures necessary to convey the concept, cost estimates and a final recommendation for capital improvements projects. For ty,ica, design projects, our team considers several alternatives, based on constructability and cost, and will work with the Client to determine the best overall design.

DMC routinely provides bid and construction documents for our private and municipal clients. In addition to standard documents, these documents can include technical specifications, Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost and a Bid Schedule. If requested, DMC will provide a Bid Tabulation of all bids. Additionally, DMC can attend final site inspection walkthrough and review meetings if requested.