Boundary Surveys

property corners & lines

Mining Claims

surveying, platting

Falls Campground, WY

As-built survey

River Landing

commercial subdivision, site design, flood plain modeling, utilities, drainage improvements, survey, platting

Western Area Power Administration

Del-Mont Consultants collected wire to ground clearance on existing high voltage power lines for...

Russell Stover Retail Store

CDOT access, site design, topographic survey

Tri-State Generation & Transmission

Del-Mont’s Staff includes 15 high voltage transmission line, substation, and access road...



Prior to commencement of surveying activities, DMC performs a reconnaissance survey with a PLS and survey crew(s) involved to identify sensitive areas, communicate about the surveying control network, look at the terrain, land parcel, utilities, and environmental issues. DMC performs professional research of the subject landownership prior to survey activities as needed.

DMC generally conducts a pre-survey conference with the client and other major parties prior to any right-of-way (ROW) research or field survey work. This task will set the ground work rules for the subject project. If we will be entering private property, signed written permission is obtained by prior to entry. Right-of-way use permits will be initiated as required.

DMC field activity is conducted subsequent to the office research to locate all physical evidence that may exist in the field. All found monuments and physical evidence found is located and tied into the primary control monumentation for the project. We establish semi-permanent Primary Control Networks (PCN) and PCN control positions in locations that are readily usable for the project. The PCN origin of control is derived from the MCLS, using the existing CORS stations. Where needed, we establish a secondary control network derived from the PCN. All control positions are readily identifiable in the field.

DMC gathers data of the existing physical evidence found in the field in order to determine existing ROW locations. This data is merged with the field evidence and a boundary analysis is performed to determine the ROW boundaries. Our ROW surveys include aliquot section corners ties, property and other land monuments tied to the PCN control. New portions of ROW required by design are monumented in the field.

DMC surveys existing topography and planimetric features such as pavement limits, sidewalks, design tie-in match locations, curb cuts, driveways, fences and boxes. DMC locates all poles, guy wires, manholes, valves, located buried lines and irrigation systems. Invert elevations are collected and merged into the data collected. DMC also has in-house utility locating services and provides these services when requested. If needed, DMC arranges for potholing in areas of uncertainty. Additionally, DMC locates delineated wetlands.